Podcast with Jeff Blum

We’re pleased to share with you a new podcast with Jeff Blum on Andy and John Talk Telecom is live across platforms. Jeff speaks in depth about 12 GHz—the benefits of the band for 5G, feasibility for co-existence with DBS and NGSOs, case studies like Purdue University and more.


Coalition Co-Chair Chip Pickering New Op-ed on 12GHz

Co-Chair and INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering’s new op-ed urging the FCC to use its authority to open up 12 GHz for 5G has published in RCR Wireless (full text at end). This piece clearly lays out that as the FCC seeks to meet demand and free up more spectrum, it should use its authority and act upon the data in the record to modernize the rules on 12 GHz to immediately unleash the many economic, societal and geopolitical benefits these 500 MHz have to offer.


INCOMPAS Summit 12GHz, Carr+ Simington Comments

Happening soon: Tune in at 2:30pm ET to the @INCOMPAS Policy Summit Panel on why the @FCC must unleash the 12 GHz band for #5G today. Learn more: https://policysummit.incompas.org/Schedule

As @BrendanCarrFCC said at today’s @INCOMPAS Summit: “I want a win-win. If we can do terrestrial #5G in 12 and not cause harmful interference to existing incumbent operations there, then I’m a yes.” Learn more about the engineering behind 12GHz coexistence https://5gfor12ghz.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/AS-FILED-Comments-of-RS-Access-Apx.-A-RKF-Engineering-Technical-Study-5.7.21.pdf

At @INCOMPAS Summit @SimingtonFCC noted benefits of “anything that increases diversity in technology sector” & “permits unencumbered use” when it comes to spectrum. Tune in at 2:30pm to learn more about how 12GHz can bring those benefits and more! https://policysummit.incompas.org/Schedule