Phase I Complete – Starting Phase II


Go Long Wireless (GLW) has continued to move forward and make progress with positive results. Site identification has been completed for all VSO (veteran service organizations) locations by our partners at Novation. Contact has also been made with nationwide single landlords to provide rooftops. Novation is estimating GLW will end up with 80% nationwide and 20% VSO rooftops. This allows for us to continue with our plan to partner with VSO’s but with the added benefit of gaining additional rooftop access in a few easy steps.

At this point we have initiated phase II of the project which is site acquisition. This process has started to ramp up and with increased speed and efficiency comes hitting our target dates to complete phase II and move onto phase III. We also anticipated that we will be able to expedite Phase II faster than thought. This phase also includes working in partnership with Afterimage GIS to produce all the necessary interference studies to ensure the deployed network meets the requirements of the substantial services audit process.

Technician Training will start Jan 14th thru Jan 25th – Tampa (classroom and hands-on lab) with actual deployment training January 28th thru Feb 2nd in Baltimore. From there we will deploy 4-person teams to the remaining GLW markets.  We project we will be completing our final installations by the first of May.

We will continue to provide updates with pictures into the New Year so stay tuned.