The Road to 5G

For Go Long Wireless the road to 5G is built by our well-curated team of industry experts and contractors who have put a plan in place to help us achieve our goals. As our mission states: Maximize the potential of MVDDS. These words are what keeps us on the path to achieving success by building and implementing 5G across our Designated Market Areas.

Our main subcontractor Novation Inc. recently reported that they just signed a national master agreement with a few major landlords. The best case scenario for GLW is to find landlords that have a large enough portfolio enabling us to deploy sets across a multitude of sites without the hassle of having to negotiate individual deals with various landlords. This news from Novation Inc. is a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Novation Inc. is also in the process of conducting database updates and mapping to get ready for Desktop analysis. It is expected that 80-90% of GLW sites will be ready once this phase is completed.