INCOMPAS Summit 12GHz, Carr+ Simington Comments

Happening soon: Tune in at 2:30pm ET to the @INCOMPAS Policy Summit Panel on why the @FCC must unleash the 12 GHz band for #5G today. Learn more:

As @BrendanCarrFCC said at today’s @INCOMPAS Summit: “I want a win-win. If we can do terrestrial #5G in 12 and not cause harmful interference to existing incumbent operations there, then I’m a yes.” Learn more about the engineering behind 12GHz coexistence

At @INCOMPAS Summit @SimingtonFCC noted benefits of “anything that increases diversity in technology sector” & “permits unencumbered use” when it comes to spectrum. Tune in at 2:30pm to learn more about how 12GHz can bring those benefits and more!